When an Introvert is Giving Up

Aku percaya ketika seorang introvert akan lebih nyaman bercerita dengan tipe orang yang sama. Introvert bukan berarti pendiam. Dia ceria, pintar membawa diri, pintar menjaga rahasia dan kepercayaan, loyal, pendengar yang baik, dan seringkali menjadi tempat curhatan siapapun yang butuh. Iya, menurutku seorang introvert selalu bisa diandalkan untuk menjadi penolong bagi jiwa-jiwa galau.

If the meaning of best friends are people who make your problems are their problems… the introvert maybe a right person to choose.

But when you pay their loyality with your no respect to them, just come and go to their lives, no take and give attention. You’d better watchout…

The introvert is not an easy person to trust someone. When they tell you their secrets… they really mean you as best friend. It means a lot to them. They truly listen to every single problem you had, give you their best time, the best reaction and solution if you want…no matter how busy they are.

But they are a human tough. They can be give up on you… not because they don’t care but because YOU DON’T

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